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Introduction to Reading Strategies Getting Ready to Read: Previewing a Text Analyzing the Features of a Text Finding Organizational Patterns Anticipation Guide Finding Signal Words Extending Vocabulary (Creating a Word Wall) Engaging in Reading: Using Context to Find Meaning Reading Between the Lines (Inferences) Most/Least Important Idea(s) and Information Sorting Ideas Using a Concept Map Visualizing Making Notes Reacting to Reading: Responding to Text (Graffiti) Drawing Conclusions (I Read/I Think/Therefore) Making Judgements (Both Sides Now) Reading Different Text Forms: Reading Informational Texts Reading Graphical Texts Reading Literary Texts Following Instructions Posters for Instruction: Reading Before Reading - Ask Questions During Reading - Ask Questions During Reading - Understand the Text During Reading - Make Inferences During Reading - Visualize During Reading - Make Connections During Reading - Think to Read During Reading - Take Good Notes After Reading - Ask Questions After Reading - Find the Main Idea(s) After Reading - Think About the Text Consist of these pages 8 12 16 20 24 30 34 40 44 48 56 60 66 70 74 80 84 88 92
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